Blog and realizations

Blog and realizations

ChemBrains was present at the last Aeromart show which took place on October 27 and 28, 2021 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal

The Aeromart show was an opportunity to promote our services and technologies. A growing interest on the part of surface treatment companies in the technology of recovery and recycling of rinsing water laden with metals and that of water from NDT / FPI workshops

Our first patent is filed!

Our new clean, green technology for treating and recycling NDT / FPI shop effluent will soon be ready for commercialization. Our patent is pending and we begin manufacturing and installing two demonstration units by the end of September. This technology will replace conventional systems with activated carbon, inefficient (rapid saturation of activated carbon; we speak of COD which often exceeds 10 g / L) and which induce significant environmental impacts because of the disposal and replacement of this material. Stay tuned for news for soon!

New users of our Prosampler 20L

We delivered two units of our programmable automatic sampler, the Prosampler 20L, which allows water sampling (composite and instantaneous samples), according to personalized programming on a touch screen, and the monitoring of certain parameters on site (pH, Temp. , etc.). It has access and data collection via a USB key, and remotely with a wifi connection.

Technology validation and optimization tests

After the demonstration of feasibility on a laboratory scale, the new technologies move on to validation at pilot scale to undergo the final adjustments and arrive at the parameters for industrial scale-up. Our team worked on the validation of the new chrome effluent treatment technology at a large surface treatment company. It is at its third industrial scale installation. We manage to handle flow rates up to 75 L / min and more with at the output concentrations of total chromium which are close to undetectable in addition to recovering this chromium in a recoverable form.

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