Treatment and recycling of rinsing waters without activated carbon and membrane concentrates to dispose of

Technologies NDT et FPI

Metal parts inspection workshops for the automotive and aeronautic industries use two conventional technologies to treat their effluents contaminated with fluorescent chemicals: activated carbon technology and membrane filtration (UF and NF). These two technologies generate highly contaminated and toxic residues, which are disposed of in specialized treatment sites, or landfills. In addition to environmental, economic and health and safety issues, they do not allow discharge standards to be met at all times.

Our NDT-FPI 3RTM technology uses an innovative approach to treat and recycle these releases in a closed loop without any release to the drain. It combines three physical-chemical techniques using only electricity and recyclable materials.

NDT-FPI 3RTM technology has several advantages:

  • Reuse treated water in rinsing operations
  • Recovers fluorescent agents for reuse in the process
  • No rejects or materials to dispose
  • Completely automated: eliminates health and safety issues
  • Competitive operating costs
  • Uniform environmental compliance
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