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Conventional water treatment technologies, and industrial emissions remediation, use various hazardous chemicals and generate considerable amounts of residues and sludge which are often sent to landfills. This has significant impacts on the environment, ecology, health and safety and climate change, in addition to incurring high operating costs.

Our clean and green technologies do not require the use and handling of any chemicals and contaminated materials, and do not generate any sludge or residues for disposal. These are completely automated technologies, which generate clean water that is treated and reusable in the process, and thus enables closed-loop effluent treatment and prevents any discharge into the sewers. In most cases, we try to recover the contaminants present in the effluents, to recycle them and reuse them in the processes as recoverable raw materials.


ChemBrains’s mission is to help companies comply with applicable environmental laws in an environmentally responsible and safe manner, by providing them with clean and green technologies, and specialized professional services. As a manufacturer, our operations are established on the basis of sustainable development.


ChemBrains aims to become a key player and a leader in the field of clean and green technologies applied to the treatment of water and industrial emissions.


ChemBrains is a team of environmental and sustainable development enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals, with a concern for thoroughness, excellence and quality. Our partners are among our most valuable assets, which is why we regard with equal importance and with the utmost respect our employees, customers, and suppliers, as they contribute to the success of our business. We recognize the contribution of each of them in the development of our business.

Innovating, creating and performing are at the heart of our processes. Continuous improvement guides our commitment to excellence, which allows us to deliver quality technologies and services. We are committed to making all the necessary efforts to quickly provide answers to all of our customers’ questions, and we are working to clearly communicate to them our major challenges as well as the objectives necessary to achieve them.

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