Sizing of settling tanks according to the type of water to be treated

VICAS units

Analysis of effluent settling

Water loaded with SS is characterized by its ability to settle, represented by the rate of fall. This parameter determines the dimensioning of settling type structures (static or lamellar). The ViCAs protocol makes it possible to establish a curve representing the fall speeds of the particles making up the analyzed water, and the associated reduction rate.

  • A support with 6 liter capacity tank
  • A transparent graduated settling column, with a capacity of 2 liters
  • A vacuum pump (1.5 cfm, 110 V or 220 V)
  • Two particle collection cells (additional cells optional)
  • Two aluminum baskets (additional quantities optional)
  • A waterproof cap
  • A valve
  • A vacuum flask to protect the pump
  • Precision: analyzes carried out in the laboratory according to a precise protocol
  • Representativeness: illustration of the capacity of suspended solids to settle for a given water
  • Adaptability: analysis valid on different types of water
  • Sizing aid: helps determine the best treatment method for polluted water
  • Capacity: 4.5 liter sample

Exemple de graphique issu d’un test ViCAs

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