Recycle acids and ases instead of disposing them of or neutralize them at high costs

Acids and bases recycling

In several applications in the surface treatment industry, baths containing acids such as, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid, are used to treat metal parts to make what is commonly referred to as etching. 

 These baths become, over time, contaminated with large quantities of metals, and thus gradually lose their effectiveness. A new technology marketed by Chembrains is applied for the recovery of acids (or bases) from spent treatment bath solutions.

 The used bath solution is separated in a countercurrent chamber where chemical reactions take place and is then sent to a second chamber through which water flows. Depending on the process design, up to 95% of the acid and up to 80% of the base can be recovered in this way and returned to the production process, thus saving the chemicals required for finishing baths or Wastewater.

However, the important advantage is that the efficiency of the production process is increased. The individual parameters of the bath solutions are stabilized, which leads to a constant and uniform effect of the bath solution on the parts.

This process is particularly suitable, for example, in anodizing baths (surface treatment) or in alkaline baths for chemical grinding of alumina.

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